Communication Activities

Completed Activities

4th InterFABExpert Talk on Climate change and the role of ATM
CleanSky 2 WorkshopAdvanced Low NOx and Hydrogen Combution Technologies
SESAR WebinarGreener ATM – En-route
SESAR Innovation Days 2020Poster Video and Poster
SESAR WebinarSmart and sustainable solutions for greener ATM – Airport domain
ECATS conferencePoster
FlyATM4EConcept Note
SESAR JU workshopFlyATM4E at ER & IR Met and Env workshop
CORDIS PageFlyATM4E @ Cordis
SESAR Innovation Days 2021Poster Video and Poster
SESAR e-NewsInterview
International Women in Science Day OutreachInterview to Federica Castino
SESAR Facts on Friday Link to publication
Article for World Engineering Day 2022Article
Participation at the EGU22 conferencePiece of news
Article about the published paper “A Comprehensive Survey On Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning”Article
Interview to Abolfazl Simorgh about the published paperInterview to Abolfazl Simorgh
Cover story about the paper: “A Comprehensive Survey On Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning”Cover story
Participation in EGU 22Link to news
Article World Environment Day 2022Link to article
Participation in ILA BerlinLink to news
Participation in the TAC-5 Link to news
Presentation at “Environmental and Meteorological SESAR exploratory research projects: key findings and solutions”, NaplesLink to news
Informational video Zero emissions dayLink to video
Participation in the webinar “Accounting for aviation non-CO2 Impacts in the EU ETS” organized by the GARS.Link to news
Project videoLink to article + video
FlyATM4E Stakeholder WorkshopAgenda
Post-event highlights

Intended Activities

The following table presents the foreseen list of Communication and Dissemination Activities.

CA1Participation at each SESAR Innovation Days with a poster describing the status of the project.T0+06 (31/10/2020) T0+18 (31/10/2021) T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA2Participation at SESAR Innovation Days with scientific papers showing the progress of the project.T0+18 (31/10/2021) T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA3Publication of papers in scientific journals, e.g.: Transportation Research Part D (Transport and Environment); Journal of Air Traffic Management; Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics; Environmental Research Letters2021 and 2022
CA4Participation and presentation at scientific conferences (others that SIDs): International Conference on Research Air Transportation (ICRAT) USA/Europe ATM Seminar. ECATST0+4 (13/10/2020) T0+13 (31/05/2021) T0+25 (31/05/2022)
CA5Organisation of a dedicated workshop to present the project’s results. This workshop will be organized by the end of the project.T0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA6After the workshop, publication of FLYATM4E press describing the major outcomes of the projectT0+30 (31/10/2022)
CA7Creation of FLYATM4E website www.flyatm4e.euT0+01 (31/05/2020) Monthly updates
CA8Social Media (Twitter, Linked-In, Research Gate)T0+01 (31/05/2020) Weekly updates
CA9UC3M outreach news1 after KoM 1 at the end of the project
CA10SESAR outreach news (newsletter)1 after KoM 1 at the end of the project
CA11Participation in Engage workshopsOnce per year in TC2 and TC3
CA12Participation in SESAR digital Academy1 at the end of the project
FlyATM4E intended Communication activities