D1.1Technical note on availability of algorithmic climate-change functions (aCCFs) 
D1.2Report on expanded algorithmic climate-change functions including robustness and eco-efficiency aspects 
D2.1Report on methodology to include uncertainties and robustness metrics in trajectory optimisation and MET data requirements
D2.2Report on the assessment of robust eco-efficient trajectories
D3.1Report on initial studies on eco-efficient trajectories
D3.2Report on final results on eco-efficient trajectories
D4.1Organisation of a Stakeholder Webinar for dissemination of final FlyATM4E results
D4.2Report on recommendations on regarding the implementation of robust and climate impact reducing ATM operations
D4.3Report on robust and climate impact reducing ATM operations including an overall environmental evaluation and implementation analysis from a hindcast analysis
D5.1Project Management Plan (PMP)
D5.2Communication and Dissemination Plan
D5.3Final Project Report
D6.1POPD – Requirement No. 2
List of FlyATM4E deliverables