Scientific publications

Journal Papers

Abolfazl Simorgh, Manuel Soler, Daniel González-Arribas, Sigrun  Matthes, Volker Grewe, Simone Dietmüller, Sabine Baumann, Hiroshi Yamashita,  Feijia Yin, Federica Castino, Florian Linke, Benjamin Lührs, Maximilian Meuser. A Comprehensive Survey on Recent Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning. Aerospace, 2022, 9(3), 146;, 2022.

Dietmüller, S. Matthes, S., Dahlmann, K., Yamashita, H., Soler, M., Simorgh, A., Linke, F., Lührs, B., Mendiguchia Meuser, M. , Weder, C., Yin, F., Castino, F., Grewe, V. (2022): A python library for computing individual and merged non-CO2 algorithmic climate change functions: CLIMaCCF V1.0, Geoscientific Model Development (GMD). Under Review. In pre-print., 2022.

Yin, F., Grewe, V., Matthes, S., Yamashita, H., Dahlmann, K., Klingaman, E., Shine, K. P., Lührs, B., Linke, F.: Predicting the climate impact of aviation for en-route emissions: The algorithmic climate change function sub model ACCF 1.0 of EMAC 2.53. Geoscientific Model Development (GMD)., 2022.

Simorgh, A., Soler, M., González-Arribas, D., Linke, F., Lührs, B., Meuser, M. M., Dietmüller, S., Matthes, S., Yamashita, H., Yin, F., Castino, F., Grewe, V., and Baumann, S.: Robust 4D Climate Optimal Flight Planning in Structured Airspace using Parallelized Simulation on GPUs: ROOST V1.0, EGUsphere [preprint],, 2022.

In addition, the FlyATM4E team is preparing the following journal papers for short-term submission:

Matthes, Sigrun, Katrin Dahlmann, Simone Dietmüller, Hiroshi Yamashita, Sabine Baumann, Volker Grewe, Manuel Soler, Abolfazl Simorgh, Daniel González-Arribas, Florian Linke, Benjamin Lührs, Maximilian M. Meuser, Federica Castino, Feijia Yin (in preparation): Concept for identifying robust climate-optimized aircraft trajectories in FlyATM4E.

Climate-optimized aircraft trajectories for an eco-efficient European ATM, considering seasonal variability of atmospheric conditions (targeted journal: Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment or MDPI Applied Sciences, in preparation)

Lührs, B., Linke, F., Matthes, S., Grewe, V. & Yin, F. (2020). Climate Impact Mitigation Potential of European Air Traffic in a Weather Situation with Strong Contrail Formation. Aerospace, 8(2), 50.

Matthes, S., Lührs, B., Dahlmann, K., Grewe, V., Linke, F., Yin, F., … & Shine, K. P. (2020). Climate-optimized trajectories and robust mitigation potential: Flying atm4e. Aerospace, 7(11), 156.

Yamashita, H., Yin, F., Grewe, V., Jöckel, P., Matthes, S., Kern, B., … & Frömming, C. (2020). Newly developed aircraft routing options for air traffic simulation in the chemistry–climate model EMAC 2.53: AirTraf 2.0. Geoscientific Model Development, 13(10), 4869-4890.

van Manen, J., & Grewe, V. (2019). Algorithmic climate change functions for the use in eco-efficient flight planning. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 67, 388-405. ISSN 1361-9209,

Conference papers

Maximilian Mendiguchia Meuser, Benjamin Lührs, Volker Gollnick, Florian Linke, Sigrun Matthes, Simone Dietmüller, Sabine Baumann, Manuel Soler, Abolfazl Simorgh, Feijia Yin, Federica Castino. Mitigation of Aviation’s Climate Impact Through Robust Climate Optimized Trajectories in Intra-European Airspace. ICAS 2022.

Federica Castino et al. Seasonal Variability of Aircraft Trajectories Reducing NOx-climate Impacts under a Multitude of Weather Patterns. SESAR Innovation days 2021. Online.