A Comprehensive Survey on Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning

MDPI has published the paper “A Comprehensive Survey on Climate Optimal Aircraft Trajectory Planning” in the open access journal Aerospace. It is a joint work carried out by the FlyATM4E research team.

How aircraft trajectories can mitigate climate change

Important environmental challenges have arisen due to the high rate of growth of the aviation industry these years, which contributes to climate change through carbon dioxide emissions and other non-CO2 effects. The associated impact on climate is expected to increase.

There are proposals to mitigate the contributions of CO2 to the net impact on climate, such as the use of new propulsion, jet fuels and continuous improvements in the efficiency of aircraft. However, these solutions are not immediate.

Non-CO2 emissions have a higher degree of impact on the environment: they are responsible for two-thirds of aviation’s radiative forcing. Their effects vary considerably depending on geographical location, altitude and timing of emission. Therefore, the climate impact of aircrafts can be mitigated by planning appropriate climate-aware trajectories.

The aim of this paper is to investigate these possibilities by presenting a survey of operational strategies proposed in the literature that can contribute to mitigate the negative impact of aviation on climate change.

Read the paper here

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