SESAR Webinar: Greener ATM – En-route

FlyATM4E coordinator, Sigrun Matthes participated in the SESAR digital academy webinars. The last of three webinars, Greener ATM – En-route, provided an overview of SESAR solutions that enable environmental efficiency gains in the en-route stage of flight.

It was held on Dec. 14th 2020


FRA in upper airspace, high and very-high complexity
Florence Serdot-Omer, ATM expert, DSNA

Civil military cooperation
Yevgen Pechenik, Airspace Configurations, EUROCONTROL
Remus Lacatus, Senior Military ATM Expert, EUROCONTROL

Climate efficiency beyond CO2: Contrails and more
Sigrun Matthes, Project Coordinator, DLR

Wake energy retrieval
Nick Macdonald, Project Leader, Airbus
Moderated by Olivia Nunez, ATM Expert SESAR JU

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