Special issue: How the future climate is affected by developments in air transportation

Our team member Dr. Florian Linke will act as guest editor of Aerospace MDPI in a Special Issue entitled “How the future climate is affected by developments in air transportation”.

The matter includes the following topics:

climate impact of aviation
  • Forecasts on the growth in air travel demand and flight movements, including projected route network changes in the future and technology improvement scenarios
  • Detailed impact assessment of new overall aircraft designs and technologies (aircraft subsystems, new propulsion concepts and alternative energy carriers)
  •  New operational measures, policy-driven approaches and market-based measures

Keywords: Climate impact, aviation, impact assessment, gaseous emissions, mitigation measures, non-CO2 effects, contrail cirrus, aircraft technology, sustainable aviation fuel, flight operations

Further information about the requirements and submission of this special issue can be found in the website: https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/Climate_Impact_of_Aviation

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