FlyATM4E at CleanSky2 & InterFAB

In the upcomming weeks, our project coordinator, Sigrun Matthes will participate in a few events, highlighting the congribution of FlyATM4E to a more sustainable aviation.

On 29th april, she and Volker Grewe will held the keynote at the 2nd edition of the CleanSky 2 Workshop on Advanced Low NOx and Hydrogen Combution Technologies. In the keynote, they will talk about AVIATION CLIMATE IMPACTS AND A REVISION OF THE AVIATION NOX IMPACTS.

The workshop will be held virtually on 29th and 30th april 2021.

On 11th may, Sigrun Matthes will held the 4th InterFAB Expert Talk on Climate change and the role of ATM.

Find the Abstract and registration info here.

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