SESAR Webinar: Greener ATM – En-route

FlyATM4E coordinator, Sigrun Matthes will participate in the SESAR digital academy webinars. The last of three webinars will provide an overview of SESAR solutions that enable environmental efficiency gains in the en-route stage of flight.

It will be held on Dec. 14th 2020

See the information and registration here


FRA in upper airspace, high and very-high complexity
Florence Serdot-Omer, ATM expert, DSNA

Civil military cooperation
Yevgen Pechenik, Airspace Configurations, EUROCONTROL
Remus Lacatus, Senior Military ATM Expert, EUROCONTROL

Climate efficiency beyond CO2: Contrails and more
Sigrun Matthes, Project Coordinator, DLR

Wake energy retrieval
Nick Macdonald, Project Leader, Airbus
Moderated by Olivia Nunez, ATM Expert SESAR JU

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